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Branding should be zero negative impact on our environment.

Ethically sourced, recyclable and biodegradable.

Locally manufactured.

Paper Packaging
Business Cards - Full colour
A5 Notebook for WoMin African Alliance - Purple


Why We Do What We Do


Eco Branding is committed to helping you source high quality, natural products. Zero negative impact on the environment or people. We all want to be fully paperless companies, but sometimes there are the odd jobs that require physical gifts or merchandise. Make the right choice by choosing to let us recycle your old branding material before you invest in new collateral. And let's help you make a brand that people love with the help of our network of talented designers.


We want to live in a way that improves our planet and collective wellbeing. We believe in maintaining the balance between human activity and the natural processes around us. That is why our products are focused on improving the health of everyone we work with and the global ecosystem as a whole. We aim for non-toxic materials and methods. Contact us directly to find out more about our Eco Events.


By prioritizing Biodegradable Products, we can help shift the market and advance consumer awareness around the impact of their purchasing decisions. Put your money towards solutions for environmental issues. Make better decisions as individuals and as companies. As a Company, aim for Digital first, with only absolute necessities allocated to physical collateral. Reach out for Digital Solutions

FSC® certified recycled papers

Reducing Unnecessary Excess is Ecological

Our Ecommerce Eco Product Store was born from the desire to work in a safe and toxic-free environment, as well as ultimately live in a balanced world, without creating excess waste. Since 2006 we have followed this motto while building ethical brands. With each product designed to create a conscious consumption cycle that benefits everyone. We ensure recycling actually takes place by personally recycling all items sent from customers. Browse our products and reach out on how we can help your business make economical-ecological decisions. 

We only create with ethical resources. Our paper brand is made with 100% renewable energy, green seal certified and is archival.  FSC® certified recycled papers made from 100%, 80%, 50 % or 30% post consumer fibre and FSC® certified fiber and process elemental chlorine free and acid free. Paper can be reused up to 5 to 7 times, saving trees, water, energy emissions and budgets as well as supports responsible use of forest resources. 



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