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Universal Design Principles
Universal Design Principles
06 Dec 2022, 18:30 SAST
Online meetup
In both the digital and physical built world, most cues or guidance is visual if any. We have built the world with barriers. For a truly inclusive future, we need to relook at how everything is built. Join us in our next session, where Colette will share foundational principles of universal design.

Building strong digital connections

When there are strong online & offline interactions we can impact positive change and create stronger communities. This website was created to promote relevant inclusive ecosystems in the real world. 

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Who is the Interaction Design Foundation Johannesburg?

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About Us

The Interaction Design Foundation was founded in Denmark. Their mission was to ensure that everyone has access to Ivy League education. Think of it as "Your One-Stop Design School for you to Learn New Design Skills".  The Johannesburg Chapter was created out of necessity in 2017 as there weren't any IxDF chapters at the time. Since then, the group has grown exponentially, with members across all Joburg Digital Channels amounting to over 3000 followers. Local leaders volunteer their time to look after the community, they are not affiliated or hired by IxDF. All events are free and open to the public.


  • No Sexism

  • No Racism

  • No Ableism

  • No religious intolerance

  • No homophobia

  • No transphobia

  • No bullying

  • No intimidation

  • No hatefulness


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